Human Rights: Sweat-shop labour, no laughing matter?

The perpetuation of labor abuse in the developing world has played on my consciousness since I first learned about the phenomenon as a teenager. I avoid brands which are known offenders like the plague, and do what I can to compensate by making FairTrade purchases, mostly coffee and textiles. I attempted a creative response some years later by starting to make an animated film addressing the disconnection between creator, consumer and profiteer, but to date it remains incomplete. I never once considered the topic prime ribs for a comical treatment… until now!

With social and environmental issues falling in and out of the pop-cultural spotlight regularly, I was pleased to discover this hilarious and equally disturbing piece courtesy of The Onion News Network (NY)’s online video department. My only beef with the piece is its omission of the most despicable link in the chain… the CEO’s upstream, in affluent developed countries who make decisions on where to set up shop based on the level of desperation and deflation of any prospective nation’s economy.

With this oversight, the piece seems somewhat incomplete (dare I say, sanitised) but nevertheless, it hits some runs. The production team gets us laughing about a taboo subject and leave us feeling queasy at the end of the ride. Ah, bless The Onion and its many layers.

New Portable Sewing Machine Lets Sweatshop Employees Work On The Go

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