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So it’s finally happened… one of our productions has made it onto the shelf at . While I’ve been looking into a means of achieving this for our film and video work via CreateSpace (will blog on this when I get it happening) Sonic Vogue Records (Singapore/New York) has released Sound of Style Vo.2 and flung one of our music tracks into the global marketplace. The compilation album features new electronic music from around the world, with our own Supermarket tune, Urban Spice (Original Mix) sitting proudly at track #1. The track is a punchy, spy-genre flavoured l

Sound of Style Vol. 2 (compilation) - Sonic Vogue Records
Sound of Style Vol. 2 (compilation) - Sonic Vogue Records

Even within the niche market of electronic music consumption, iTunes and Amazon are the major players, so naturally, we’re chuffed. It won’t be an orphan for long either, as our debut album is scheduled to float in a few months time. It will be available on both of these sites and a string of others, many thanks to a distribution service provided by the fantastic web 2.0 music engine at Reverbnation. I can’t recommend this site and its tools highly enough, for musicians and music lovers alike.

So anyway, take a listen to the track (if you’ve ever seen us perform, it’ll sound familiar) and if you like what you hear… you know what to do. We have some more tracks and videos at our webpage, Myspace and Facebook profiles, so please drop by and introduce yourselves. Supermarket is open for business, baby!

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