Art: Supermarket DJ/VJ sets at ‘Art on the Square’

Things are about to kick into gear for our audio-visual breakbeat electronic music project Supermarket for 2009, starting tomorrow. Around September last year, the City of Charles Sturt council contacted us after reading an article about us on the great local music culture website . Plans were made for us to perform at the Summer in the Square season of events, taking place in the prominent beachfront location (known best for its great restaurants and watering holes).

Since we are known in Adelaide for straddling the divides between art, cinema and music we were booked for Art in the Square (which happens Feb. 15) and are responsible for setting much of the ambience on the day through our musical offerings and video mixing. You can also read about the other artists who are performing and exhibiting work on the day by reading the flyer. The video setup will be the first time we’ve used more than two screens live, as we string together a projector, and (if all goes well) five televisions at the outdoor location.

Summer on the Square featuring Supermarket
'Summer on the Square' featuring Supermarket

Our three ours of audio-visual bliss will be divided three ways. The first and last breackets (2-3 pm and 4-5pm) will be DJ/VJ sets, with myself on the selections, and Em working her video mixing rig. The tunes wil have a feel-good Summer tilt to them, and will cover the breakbeat spectrum from dub and funk through to dancehall, breaks, house and liquid drum n bass. I’ll give the show an international spin too, with some beats from unlikely places.

In between DJ/VJ sets we’ll deliver our Supermarket performance. The show will be very similar to the one we showcased last August during the South Australian Living Artists festival, after returning from our 2nd North American tour. For a little teaser/memory jogger, I’ve embedded our piece Optech 1 (featuring the track Casionassis) below. The show will mix a live video feed with prepared video and audio samples, and a master a/v track. The install should be pretty neat, and we’ve enlisted Harriet, a creative young artist to shoot some video on the day so we can share it with our far away friends.

Now if you’re reading this and wondering why we didn’t publicize the show earlier, there’s rhyme and reason to it. The main focus of our Supermarket energy is this year’s Fringe run of shows: Basement Beats. In many ways we’re breaking the drought of shows over the past few months with Art on the Square, and also road-testing it on a truly general, beach-going public. Drop in to Henley Square if you’re up for some lazy beachside vibes tomorrow, or drop back here to the blog next week for the rinse-out!

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