Music: ScorcherFest celebrates original music in SA

I’ve been involved in the local music scene here in Adelaide since 1996, when I started frequenting gigs as an underage punter. Having been through the mill myself with several original bands spanning funk, acoustic, reggae and progressive rock (before focusing on electronic music) I’ve seen a lot of talented bands spring up in my hometown. The winding path which lead me to here doubles back on itself this Sunday, as Supermarket joins a massive celebration of diverse local music and entertainment. Enter ScorcherFest!

Running from 11am to 10pm and sprawling over 6 stages, the event promises a whopping fifty bands (the majority of which involve guitars, and take the shape of rock, punk, indie, metal, acoustic and other derivatives). There’s a massive 3-a-side Twister tournament happening, and 5 hours of latin dance fiesta, and even some stand-up comedy (featuring a long-time friend of ours, Mark Trenwith). For the full artist run-down, check out the promoters’ website: BandTogether Inc.

Tickets are available at the door for $20, Gate 6 at Flinders University… Ring Road, Bedford Park (just off South Road). I’m hoping to hear some inspiring local sounds and reconnect with the ‘traditional’ live music scene here in Adelaide. If you’re in town, I recommend doing the same!

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