Animal Rights: Stop KFC’s cruel and brutal treatment of chickens

I was searching on Twitter tonight for discussions on online video, and look what I turned up. KFC (or Kentucky Fried Chicken as it was known before the re-brand in Australia) has been in and out of the spotlight over the years for countless allegations of animal cruelty practised by its meat suppliers. Since hearing the claims and viewing similar video footage years ago, I changed my buying habits- one of the best methods for making your position felt. I haven’t had a Zinger Burger Deluxe for many years now, and seeing this video has reminded me exactly why. The video footage shows examples of chickens contained in dense populations with their beaks clipped, top-heavy and overweight and cruelly treated on their often slow passage to death. I’m not a militant vegan by any stretch, nor am I against the breeding of animals for human consumption. I am however against cruelty towards people and animals alike, and the video you will see below goes way beyond acceptable, by even the most relaxed standards of human behaviour.

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I find the choice of Pamela Anderson as the main spokesperson for the cause a bit peculiar and can’t help but feel Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles (who also supports the PETA campaign against KFC’s barbaric practices) would have made a better narrator. At any rate, if the story moves you, there are many ways you can help. Start by tweeting this post, then head on over to the PETA’s Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign website to learn more. There you can sign an online petition and send various media to friends and lobbyists to help spread the word. You can even make yourself a customised banner for your own website, like the one at the top of this article.

Oh, and lets be reasonable- you don’t need to stop eating chicken to be part of the solution. Our favorite chicken shop here in Adelaide Chickens-to-Go proudly states on their welcome-window that their chickens are organically fed, free-range stock, and we can taste the difference. As commentator Brad has pointed out however, ‘free-range’ can be a far-cry from a guarantee that the animals are treated adequately, and the label doesn’t necessarily indicate that the chickens are provided with adequate space and conditions to live a low-stress life. Ask your local chicken shop where their meat comes and if they know how they’re treated. If they can’t give you an answer, write their supplier a letter asking about their chicken’s living conditions. Let your local retailers know that the well-being of the animals is important to you, and if they can’t tell you how they’re chickens are raised, you’ll be taking your business elsewhere… most certainly not to KFC!

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For further reading, I recommend Thanks to comment poster Brad for bringing this site to my attention.

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Brad. I’ve read some of the material at the link you’ve provided and will be making some amendments to my article. I’m sure that there is are a wide range of standards represented across the ‘free range’ chicken farming industry, so you’re right… simply requesting ‘free range’ is not enough.

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