Events: Odyssey, Adelaide’s Hellenic Cultural Festival launches

Last week, danimations was signed on to the task of photo and video documenting this year’s Odyssey Festival, an annual celebration of Greek culture in Adelaide, South Australia. The event launched last week, synchronising with the Greek Film Festival‘s premiere Adelaide screening of Bang Bang Wedding, featuring Greek-Australian talent, Alex Dimitriades. Hundreds of people streamed into the Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas, tucked in behind Rundle Street. They were greeted by flag-bearing children in traditional costume, a performance of live traditional Greek music, and a red carpet runway. VIP speeches followed and after the film screening, the party stepped up a notch with a bounty of food, wine and more live music.

The above video was shot on a Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 and edited on a Windows PC, with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

The introductory animation was developed in Adobe Flash. Emma and I will be shooting each event in this year’s Odyssey Festival, which runs for the rest of October. The event includes comedy, cabaret, film screenings, a youth talent showcase, an art exhibition and a fantastic closing concert and party. For more details, visit the Odyssey Festival‘s website.

Dan Monceaux

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