Video: Sir Ken Robinson speaks on creativity & education’s future

A friend and current artistic collaborator sent me the link to this video after a conversation we after working on a mulitmeida scuptural work together. We were talking about the difficulties we all face as creative adults, economically and socially, as we watch the numbers of creatively active peers thin out progressively through school, high school, university and finally, entering the ‘work force’. The video Diwani shared with us is an entertaining and enlightened keynote speech made by Sir Ken Robinson, former university professor and current lobbyist for a reformed education system with improved balance. Ken’s call to action demands the value of creativity to be placed an even keel with the traditional academic pillars of language and mathematics. His rationale? To better prepare humanity for an uncertain future, and stop society from educating individuals away from (rather than fostering and nurturing) their unique talents. Anyone who cares about the future of humanity should watch this clip and ponder its sentiments… as fully commited creative beings, Ken’s words struck a chord with Emma Sterling and I, and we hope it does the same for you.

Dan Monceaux

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