Sustainability: The Story of Stuff – A must-see video about consumerism

I know, I know… it’s been a long time between posts here at Creativity Base, but believe me, this video will make it worth the wait. I just discovered this film thanks to a new artist/blogger/musician friend of mine in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Creative like minds around the world continue to express their criticisms of the culture of cosumerism that America has successfully exported so effectively… and I’m as aware of it here in Australia as the video’s presenter Annie Leonard is in the USA. Pour yourself a cup of fairtrade coffee and give yourself twenty minutes to soak up this entertaining primer in ‘how and why the system of consumption needs to change’. Using playful animation and laymans language to convey this information to the average shopper, Leonard and Free Range Studios have done a great job with this video, and they are proceeding to produce several other videos, specific to trade, electronics and many other areas of ‘developed’ society that are built around unsustainable models and are aching for an overhaul. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did… let’s work together to make 2010 a year of positive change the world over.

For more info on the Story of Stuff project, visit their website at

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