Smartphones: Revolutionising the mobile video space

Back in April, I was asked by the wonderful folks behind the group Mobile Monday in Adelaide if I would be interested in presenting at one of their sessions. Having been actively interested in smartphones since I bought my first back in 2009, I agreed to present and decided to look into what was coming up on the mobile video front. After spending several hours trawling through specifications, articles and forecasts (many hosted by the terrific website I assembled my observations into a series of slides and transferred them directly to my LG Viewty Smart GC900 phone. Why, do I hear you ask? Well, the days of the laptop presentation are over my friends. When I chose to invest in my LG handset last year, one of the exciting new features was a composite video output. By running a cable directly from my phone to Mobile Monday’s provided desktop projector, I was able to give the presentation from the palm of my hand.

These early generation smartphones are not without their limitations, but change is afoot. Offering faster processors, better resolution screens, more storage space and more flexible operating systems as general improvements, we’ll be watching the decline of the phone and the emergence of the pocket media and communications centre before the year is through.

Since giving this presentation, exciting new models have already been announced, including several with HDMI output capabilities. The Android operating system is also proliferating, though my new Smartphone will most likely be Nokia’s N8, which runs the Symbian 3 operating system. I went to a conference in Sydney on Friday and came extremely close to not taking a laptop. With a device like Nokia’s forthcoming N8, I will be able to connect to a hotel or conference centre TV, flip out a collapsible wireless bluetooth keyboard and have a seriously powerful pocket computer at my hip.

Not only that, it will also have a 720p HD video and 12MP stills camera built in, and a squillion other attractive productivity and lifestyle features. As a digital media professional who likes to keep mobile, this wave of change is one I’ll be riding all the way.

Dan Monceaux

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