List of Friend ID codes for Sumikko Gurashi: Our Puzzling Ways

This may come as news to some of you, but I have a soft spot for cute Japanese cartoon characters. Combine that hook with the appeal of an advanced colour-matching puzzle game, and you have Sumikko Gurashi: Our Puzzling Ways. The game is available for Android and Apple mobile devices, and despite a few fuzzy translations from Japanese, it’s utterly adorable and dangerously addictive.

Some user reviews of the game on the Google Play store have commented that the game’s difficulty ramping is too steep. While I agree in so much that the game does get tough, this causes the player to carefully consider which character to play as, and to experiment often, enriching the experience. Each has its own special skill, and its potency can be upgraded with various accessories that add “happiness” and increase your scoring potential. Coins won within the game can be fed into a lucky dip machine, which randomly spits out upgrades for your existing characters, and unlocks new ones.

Players are limited by how many times they can play the game in quick succession by the number of rice balls they are allocated. These replenish with the passing of time, but there is another way to receive more rice balls, and therefore play the game more frequently. To do this, you can either invite friends to join the game within the app, via Facebook or email, or you can add friend codes for existing players manually.

A number of the game’s reviewers on the Google Play store have listed their player IDs and encouraged other players to connect with them. As of 25 July 2017, I have scraped the complete set of these, ย and they are now listed in the table below. If you’d like your Friend ID to be added to this list, please leave a Facebook comment below, or send me an email.

Sumikko Gurashi โ€“ Our Puzzling Ways
Friend IDs
t7a5ti kia49v
ivs8xi dim0ug
51x54l 9l8feg
ed8rax w3yax7
ln4k4a ci12g4
eyvicy frwzwx
4tco59 3ebvur
s83gbr ts89vs
urqgfx z1uv4w

As you increase the number of friends you are connected with in Sumikko Gurashi – Our Puzzling Ways, not only are you able to progress through the game more quickly, but you can also see where other players are up to on the map, and recognize them by their avatars and handles. Your friends’ high scores for each level are also displayed at the foot of the screen when you select a level to play. There are also several ‘holes’ in the map, which can be filled and passed by using flowers. A flower is awarded to you each time you interact with a friend, by either sending or receiving rice balls. Using flowers to pass holes will save you precious coins, which you can use to buy items to help with various levels, or feed into the lucky dip machine for character upgrades.

So while Sumikko Gurashi is a satisfying single player game, its enjoyment can be boosted substantially by connecting with others. Special thanks are due to all the players who have listed their friend IDs on the Play store.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out Sumikko Gurashi – Our Puzzling Ways… it could quite possibly be the cutest colour- matching game you’ll ever play.

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