Art: Lateral Movement, Art & the Moving Image (Feb 21 & 23, Adelaide)

After several months of planning, exploring and collating, it’s just about ready… the first incarnation of Lateral Movement: Art & the Moving Image. Lovingly and personally crafted by three dedicated Adelaide screen-culture vultures, Dan Monceaux, Emma Sterling and Toby Bramwell, we hope this to become Adelaide’s premiere calendar event for the appreciation, discussion and enjoyment of international moving image artwork.

Co-presented by the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival and the Media Resource Centre, the event will take place over two nights in Adelaide, South Australia at our dearly beloved Mercury Cinema. Post War films screen on Saturday, February 21 and New Works screen on Monday, February 23. Entry to these sessions is $12/10, and doors open at 8pm both nights. Check out the trailer below…

The trailer features excerpts from the ‘New Works’ program, including pieces by J. Van der Made (Holland), James McGilchrist (Australia), Michael Robinson (USA), Peter William Holden (Germany) and Adam Paradis (USA).

Full program coming soon.


Web 2.0: Social network profile integration & chain-reactions

I’ve been devoting much of my time of late to exploring Web 2.0 possibilities in the last few weeks… services, sites, widgets and ways to integrate them. Now that we all have profiles all over the place (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube and countless others) keeping them all relevant can be pretty time consuming. Fortunately developers appear to be aware of this and are doing something about it. Here’s a cute little example of my most recent Web 2.0 chain reaction (websites updating other websites and profiles automatically). This is a pretty neat development, and can be handy both socially and professionally.

In this case, my goal was to proliferate my online video, and share the awareness of it as broadly as possible.

example of a web 2.0 chain reaction
example of a web 2.0 chain reaction
  1. – The chain reaction begins when I upload a video to TubeMogul. The site then redistributes the video to multiple video sites, including YouTube and a dozen or more others.
  2. – Viddler receives the file from TubeMogul reposts it there, and notifies my Twitter account. It posts my ‘followers’ a link to the vid automatically.
  3. – my Twitter account is linked to my Facebook profile, so in turn, Twitter updates my Facebook status and voila… my video upload is all over my major social profiles for minimal sweat.

Other sites that are worth a peep and help integrate your various profiles are FriendFeed and Wink. It seems Facebook is wise to this being a key aspect to the future of social networking, and has added an ‘Import’ button on your profile Wall… check it out and get linkin’!


In Loving Memory – Sarah ‘Sally’ Monceaux (1917-2009)

The night of January 25, I committed myself to starting a new blog; a place to share the things that have inspired me and the things I’ve chosen to dedicate my life’s work to. An early morning phonecall gave this new start added pertinence. My dear grandmother Sally had passed away in the night. After ninety years, the majority through which she demonstrated fierce independence, I am pleased that Grandma is now at peace, and has pulled up a seat at the big bridge table in the sky. I dedicate this blog to her memory.

After the surge of tears, the dull body-ache of grief and heartache, I’m left now with a deep gratitude for the role my grandma played in my life, particularly in my childhood. I will forever cherish memories of playing cards and chinese checkers with her, taking bus rides to town and drawing happily in her loungeroom… the same lounge room in which I now sit, writing. I will remember her fantastic Spanish Cream desserts and spongecakes (those that rose, and those that didn’t) and the occasional spoiling with a serve of sugar-coated strawberries.

An international citizen, my grandmother was Trinidadian, Canadian, English and finally Australian, and consistently fed my imagination with stories of life in Trinidad complete with pet monkey, Tuki. She managed to raise two intelligent and sensitive sons as a single parent in a time when to be one was frowned upon, and that only gives me further cause for admiration.

As the years wore on, dementia, a stroke and the mounting of years slowed grandma down… but she always retained a twinkle in her eye, and was just as capable of surprising us with a witty wise-crack as the rest of my family. Rest in peace, Grandma… I love you.

Christmas, 2008
Christmas, 2008