Music: ScorcherFest celebrates original music in SA

I’ve been involved in the local music scene here in Adelaide since 1996, when I started frequenting gigs as an underage punter. Having been through the mill myself with several original bands spanning funk, acoustic, reggae and progressive rock (before focusing on electronic music) I’ve seen a lot of talented bands spring up in my hometown. The winding path which lead me to here doubles back on itself this Sunday, as Supermarket joins a massive celebration of diverse local music and entertainment. Enter ScorcherFest!

Running from 11am to 10pm and sprawling over 6 stages, the event promises a whopping fifty bands (the majority of which involve guitars, and take the shape of rock, punk, indie, metal, acoustic and other derivatives). There’s a massive 3-a-side Twister tournament happening, and 5 hours of latin dance fiesta, and even some stand-up comedy (featuring a long-time friend of ours, Mark Trenwith). For the full artist run-down, check out the promoters’ website: BandTogether Inc.

Tickets are available at the door for $20, Gate 6 at Flinders University… Ring Road, Bedford Park (just off South Road). I’m hoping to hear some inspiring local sounds and reconnect with the ‘traditional’ live music scene here in Adelaide. If you’re in town, I recommend doing the same!


Art: Lateral Movement proves a sparkling night for screen culture

Monday night’s Lateral Movement event was everything Em and I had hope it would be: diverse, inspiring, convivial and well-attended. After technical testing and preparation sprawling over three days, we managed to present the program of thirty works (7 installed and 23 screened in cinema) almost without compromise, and much of it in crisp and wonderful high definition. The one exception to the rule was a late omission, ‘The Juiced Carrots’ by CarrotKid, the file of which refused to play ball with the HD digital projector in the Mercury Cinema. Since Carrotkid’s work made it into the program but not onto the big screen, the least we can do is embed it below for your enjoyment.

The Juiced Carrots from Carrotkid on Vimeo.

The icing on the cake for Em and I was the inclusion of a live international video chat with filmmaker Lee Citron, who joined us (virtually speaking) in the cinema direct from California, USA via the wonder of Skype. Lee’s delightful and darkly comical suburban tale ‘Idiot Box’ closed the program with verve and sass, and it was a great pleasure to talk with him after the credits rolled and have him field some questions from the audience.

The foyer installs proved popular and illuminated the space with seven flickering screens featuring silent, looping works. The crowd gathered eagerly and early, and remained focused through the broad-ranging works featured in the two 45 minute cinema brackets. A ‘People’s Choice’ award was voted for on the night, with the prize going to Maurice Braun of Germany for his dynamic visual music piece Licht | Geschwindigkeit. Shot entirely in still photographs on a digital SLR, the work features powerful rhythmic editing and playfully fuses movement and electronic music with deft and aplomb.

Licht | Geschwindigkeit from Maurice Braun on Vimeo.

I sincerely hope the fifty or so lucky Adelaide screen culture-vultures who attended were as inspired by the works as we were- and that this proves to be the beginning of something special here in our beloved home town of Adelaide.

Em and I must extend our sincere gratitude to the attending audience, the exhibition manager from the Media Resource Centre, Toby Bramwell and the 2009 BigPond Adelaide Film Festival for affording us this great opportunity to share something special with our community. Further thanks are due to featured artist Jimmy McGilchrist for his wonderful assistance in promotion and logistics- and the South Australian Living Artists’ Festival for loaning us DVD players to run the installation works in the foyer.

For those unable to attend, here’s a clip from the Skype chat with filmmaker Lee Citron from Monday the 23rd… See you at the next one!