Music: ScorcherFest celebrates original music in SA

I’ve been involved in the local music scene here in Adelaide since 1996, when I started frequenting gigs as an underage punter. Having been through the mill myself with several original bands spanning funk, acoustic, reggae and progressive rock (before focusing on electronic music) I’ve seen a lot of talented bands spring up in my hometown. The winding path which lead me to here doubles back on itself this Sunday, as Supermarket joins a massive celebration of diverse local music and entertainment. Enter ScorcherFest!

Running from 11am to 10pm and sprawling over 6 stages, the event promises a whopping fifty bands (the majority of which involve guitars, and take the shape of rock, punk, indie, metal, acoustic and other derivatives). There’s a massive 3-a-side Twister tournament happening, and 5 hours of latin dance fiesta, and even some stand-up comedy (featuring a long-time friend of ours, Mark Trenwith). For the full artist run-down, check out the promoters’ website: BandTogether Inc.

Tickets are available at the door for $20, Gate 6 at Flinders University… Ring Road, Bedford Park (just off South Road). I’m hoping to hear some inspiring local sounds and reconnect with the ‘traditional’ live music scene here in Adelaide. If you’re in town, I recommend doing the same!


Web 2.0: Hot tools for managing profiles, music and online video

Guilty as charged… I’m a heavy internet user and early adopter of web 2.0 services. I’m not a geek or a nerd though- just keen on mass communication and the dissemination of ideas, knowledge and creativity. The internet is by far and away my favorite place for this, but with the myriad of platforms offered here for social networking, video and music sharing, it’s easy to get lost in the maze, or simply not know how best to spend your time.

I’m happy to say that in the last two months I’ve discovered some terrific new online services which do (or promise to in the near future) allow you to maximize the impact of your sprawling web-presences. There are three gems that I will discuss here: one for individuals and general social network users, one for online video distributors, and another for musicians.

atomkeep - your profile everywhere
atomkeep - your profile everywhere

I only discovered this site today after following a Twitter link. While the service is in ‘closed beta’ (that’s nerd speak for ‘we’re still testing, but we’ll open to the public soon’, the labour-saving and syncronising services it promises to provide are exciting. Basically AtomKeep allows you to enter status, information and content updates to their site once, and it will in turn redistribute this information to the web 2.0 social networking sites of which you are a member.

At this stage, these include: LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, CPGJoblist, Twitter, Mixergy, Slide, Jobster, Yelp, Blogger, JOBcentral, LastFM, YouTube, digg, Ning, Flickr, Google, WordPress, Disqus, Pownce, Technorati, Meetup, Plurk, Mixx, LiveJournal, Indeed,, Friendster, imeem, Bebo, Myspace and Unyk. Services listed as ‘coming soon’ include: HotJobs, Dice, Yahoo! Groups, Careerbuilder, Hi5, Vimeo, Upcoming, Plaxo, Epinions, Evite, TheLadders, Photobucket and StumbleUpon.

The above list covers a range of general social networking sites, job seeking ones, photo and video sharing sites, bookmarking sites, blogging and commenting portfolios, email list managers and more… surely this is a service every web 2.0 user can benefit from!

TubeMogul - empowering online video
TubeMogul - empowering online video

On the online video frontier, TubeMogul provides a service truly in a league of its own. Essentially a video re-distributor and tracking service (my description, not theirs) TubeMogul accepts your video uploads, complete with descriptions, categories and tags, and then redistributes the video to other sites of which you are already a member. The site even transcodes your video (if necessary) to suit the requirements of each different site. As if the service isn’t great enough already, the real pay-off comes when the stats come rolling in. Graphs of your video’s popularity within and between services can be customised with easy, and you can even track the progress of your peers/competitors. The site also offers some promotional services which I hope to explore soon- these include spruiking your videos on social networking and bookmarking sites. Getting involved with tracking our online video footprint via TubeMogul has got me really excited about online video. If you have an interest in this field, check it out pronto.

The third, and probably the most specialised service I will describe here is ArtistData. Also currently in ‘closed beta’ ArtistData gives musicians and managers the capacity to easily handle presences of their artists across numerous sites and platforms. There are truckloads of web 2.0 services offering musicians distinct audiences for their work and forums for its discussion and proliferation, so the need for a service like this has existed for some years. As I’m yet to be invited to sign up, I can only cite the services the site claims to provide. It claims to:

    Import your shows from MySpace or allow you to enter them manually.
    Synchronize your shows to social network profiles on PureVolume, Virb, and soon Facebook.
    Submit shows to concert databases such as Jambase,, and many more.
    Update your official website through XML or a customizable calendar widget.
    Updates your desktop calendar (iCal, Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Calendar).
    Export formatted show lists for import to SonicBids and ReverbNation.
    Automate the submission of shows for listing in local publications. *See screencast.

So there you have it folks, one service to leap on and two to watch for their pending public launches. I don’t know about you, but I really dig the way the web is evolving right now.


Music: Supermarket’s first release out now at

So it’s finally happened… one of our productions has made it onto the shelf at . While I’ve been looking into a means of achieving this for our film and video work via CreateSpace (will blog on this when I get it happening) Sonic Vogue Records (Singapore/New York) has released Sound of Style Vo.2 and flung one of our music tracks into the global marketplace. The compilation album features new electronic music from around the world, with our own Supermarket tune, Urban Spice (Original Mix) sitting proudly at track #1. The track is a punchy, spy-genre flavoured l

Sound of Style Vol. 2 (compilation) - Sonic Vogue Records
Sound of Style Vol. 2 (compilation) - Sonic Vogue Records

Even within the niche market of electronic music consumption, iTunes and Amazon are the major players, so naturally, we’re chuffed. It won’t be an orphan for long either, as our debut album is scheduled to float in a few months time. It will be available on both of these sites and a string of others, many thanks to a distribution service provided by the fantastic web 2.0 music engine at Reverbnation. I can’t recommend this site and its tools highly enough, for musicians and music lovers alike.

So anyway, take a listen to the track (if you’ve ever seen us perform, it’ll sound familiar) and if you like what you hear… you know what to do. We have some more tracks and videos at our webpage, Myspace and Facebook profiles, so please drop by and introduce yourselves. Supermarket is open for business, baby!